Our Why

Our Core Mission

Our team is made up of edupreneurs, economic development and business specialists who believe that learning and development plays a key role in personal, professional and economic development.

Additionally, we are experienced in global business management and expansion, we currently own and operate the Project Management Global Institute located in the Caribbean. Our corporate clients include companies in Canada, USA and the Caribbean.

We have combined our experiences in consulting, banking, international development, diplomacy and education to help you and your organization:

  1. Deliver high impact training delivery to your students and clients.
  2. Implement strategies that grow your bottomline
  3. Expand your business and product to new markets
  4. Project manager outsourcing and project backstopping (agile and project management)

Our Edupreneurship Mission

We are mission-driven and exist to bring economic development opportunities to the world through entrepreneurship and learning and development. We aim to build new education organizations and businesses, develop the latest in ed-tech, operate/establish schools, and give keynote speeches and training around the world. We lead with a 21st-century education mindset and are known globally inside and outside of the classroom.

At MARKIBLAK Group Inc., we bring our expertise to your table. Contact Us to learn how we can help you or your business grow.

Our Team

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