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“In 2021 our team set out to redefine and refine our shared values. After many focus sessions and work as a membership, we were privileged to be led through multiple consultations and sessions by Sherrone.

Sherrone was very effective, knowledgeable and professional in moving our team through various values-based and strategic direction-building exercises. Her insights, open-mindedness and wide depth of knowledge certainly moved our team towards finding common ground on our shared values and a strategic plan that everyone could identify with.

I highly recommend Sherrone to your organization or team to build alignment in leadership, management or stakeholder relations. Sherrone is skilled in the work she does and demonstrated political acumen throughout the process with our team.”

Tom Kuperus
Executive Director, Sunrise of Life


Business strategies to increase revenue, cut costs, get more clients, grow your business faster and live the life you want in any economy.

Revenue Acceleration

Increase your revenue
Our in-depth revenue lab will identify and implement solutions to your revenue challenges. We will help you establish revenue growth  strategies including from pricing, client acquisition, new product development, market expansion, mergers/acquisitions, to market expansion.

Business Optimization Strategy

Your Roadmap to success
Success starts with a good strategy. We will design a strategy that is uniquely yours. It that will set the foundation for operating models, systems and process. Strategy focus includes, business transformation with AI, IT, pricing, marketing, sales, staffing, financial management and leadership
Get a strategy that your team will be motivated to own and execute. Fail to plan …well you know the rest.

Project Management

Back Office Project Support
We provide management and support services to companies and non-profits.  End to end management of your project management portfolio. 

Agile & Business Analysis

Enable change that delivers
Our business analysts and/ agile coaches identify and help enable change and recommend solutions that will deliver value to your organization.

Learning & Development

Workshops & Seminars
Training available in Project Management, Agile, Leadership, Customer Service, Executive Coaching,  and Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI).


Find hidden business revenue
We work closely with entrepreneurs and CEOs & CROs to establish growth strategies that result in business expansion, revenue growth and new product development/launch.

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