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Sherrone Lobban, | MA (Econ) | PMP

Business Strategist


Sherrone Lobban (or Sherrone Blake Lobban) is the Chief Strategy Officer at MARKIBLAK Group Inc. (Canada).  She brings to the team expertise in strategic planning, revenue growth and business competitiveness.

Typical projects completed by Sherrone includes:

  • Design revenue growth process
  • Connect marketing, sales, operations and human resource strategies for better efficiency
  • Lead strategic planning sessions
  • Design business strategy to increase competitiveness and takeover of major market segments
  • Write business plans
  • Design leadership development programs
  • Set up and launch companies and educational institutions from the ground up

She is a former United Nations Diplomat and a noted specialist in strategy formulation and leadership development. Sherrone sits on several executive boards assisting with strategy. She has been recognized as a Smart and Savvy Entrepreneur and a major contributor to the project management profession.

In addition to designing business growth strategies, she helps executives and board directors unpack leadership strategies that lead to change and growth.

Sherrone holds a masters degree in International Development and Administration and professional certified training in Leadership from Harvard, and Strategic Management from Wharton. She is also a certified project management professional (PMP). 

Currently, Sherrone helps companies implement connected strategies that lead to competitive advantage, increase in revenue while simultaneously contributing to staff improvement and customer satisfaction. 


  • Strategic Management: Connected Strategy, Wharton University, Penn, USA
  • Strategic Management: Competitive Advantage, Wharton University, Penn, USA
  • Foundations of Leadership, Harvard University, Mass, USA
  • Community Economic Development, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • PMP., Project Management Professional, PMI, Pennsylvania
  • M.A. (Econ), Development Administration & Management, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK, 2002