Agile Workshop

Developed by Rita Mulcahy, founder of RMC Project Management Inc. USA (the innovator in project management since 1991) and MARKIBLAK Group Inc.

Taught in over 70 countries. Live classes now available in Kelowna! 

Why Take this Course?

If you need to learn what is required to lead or participate in an agile project within in your organization, this course covers Initiation to Iteration and everything in between!

This course is designed specifically for Agile project team members, product owners, project leaders and senior managers, this course offers project managers a firm grasp of the Agile approach as it relates to new product development. In addition, students will apply the fundamental models of Iteration Review and Iteration Retrospectives, and learn to utilize the concepts of Inspect and Adapt, Self-Assessment, and Continuous Improvement.

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Real-world and Practical

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Compare the Agile and Waterfall approaches
  2. Determine which method is best suited for their project
  3. Apply the basics of Agile Team Organization
  4. Use Agile Chartering and high-level estimating principles to initiate a project
  5. Create personas and user stories, and perform story-level estimation
  6. Develop and manage a product backlog
  7. Use low-tech, high touch team communication methods on projects
  8. Apply the principles of Servant Leadership
  9. Plan and conduct a basic iteration review and iteration retrospective

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