Your Personal Advisor & Accountability Partner

100% Confidential

Every great athlete has a coach. Let us help you achieve your highest potential

Leadership is not an individual sport. Get the right team behind you

– ¬†Sherrone Blake Lobban –

Director of Strategy

  • Executive 1-on-1 CoachingIntensive 12 months of coaching and support to help executives achieve more. Balance personal and professional, you do not have to compromise on either. Imagine having your own personal advisor and accountability partner to help you grow and shift your mindset. This is suited for CEOs, executives and owners who want to increase revenue, make great decisions and nurture high performing teams.
  • Personalized PlanAn individual plan to focus on addressing your main pain point
  • Competitive AdvantageMonthly meetings to focus on strategy to ensure your company has an unfair advantage
  • Quarterly Advisory Boardroom Circle - Get trusted advice on an issue you're facing from other senior executives.
  • Thought Leadership Mastermind Groups - Get access to high impact group of executives to advance you as a leader in your field for instance, write a book, get speaking gigs and opportunities to pay it forward.

Just imagine if you had your personal advisor to help you to close the deal in that high stake negotiation.  Or maybe you just want to negotiate a salary increase with your key member of staff.

With this coaching package you can also work on mastering your executive presence and networking skills.

  • Keynotes & WorkshopsWe provide group training that help leaders improve their confidence and influence. Our signature topics are:
  • Leading With or Without Authority
  • Influence & Impact for Women Leaders
  • Negotiate Like A Diplomat
  • Strategic Planning for Executives